Monday, May 18, 2015

Our new family favorite cookie

Blackberry Almond Shortbread Scrumpets



  • 1 cup  unsalted butter, softened to room temperature
  • 2/3 cup  granulated sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1/2 teaspoon almond extract
  • 2 cups Flour
  • 1/2 cup  blackberry  jam


  • 1 cup  confectioners' sugar
  • 1 Tablespoon + 1 tsp.  lemon juice from fresh lemon 


Make the cookies: Using a handheld or stand mixer with a paddle attachment, beat the butter on high speed until creamy, about 1 minute. Switch mixer to medium speed and add the the sugar, vanilla, and almond extracts. Scrape down the sides and the bottom of the bowl as needed. Turn the mixer off and pour the flour into the wet ingredients. Turn the mixer on low and slowly beat until a very soft dough is formed.  Press the dough down to compact it and tightly cover with plastic wrap to chill until firm, at least 4 hours.
Preheat oven to 350* degrees. Line two baking sheets with parchment paper or silicone baking mats (silicone mats preferred to reduce spreading). Shape the cookie dough into balls. Mine were about 1 Tablespoon of dough per ball. Make sure they're nice and smooth. If you find that the balls of dough are sticky and/or have gotten a little soft after rolling- place the balls of dough back into the refrigerator to firm up. You absolutely DO NOT want soft dough. Make an indentation with your thumb into each ball. The dough may crack slightly when you press your thumb into it. Simply smooth it out with your fingers if you can. Otherwise, it's perfectly fine to have a few cracks. Fill each with a scant 1/2 teaspoon of jam. (Or however much it can hold.)
Bake the shortbread thumbprint cookies for 14-15 minutes, or until very lightly browned on the edges. The cookies will puff up and spread slightly. Do not over bake.  In fact, I only baked mine for 13-14 minutes. I prefer them a little soft. Allow the cookies to cool on the baking sheet for 5 minutes before transferring to a wire rack. Allow to cool for at least 30 minutes before glazing.
Make the glaze: stir together glaze ingredients until smooth. Add more liquid to thin out or add more confectioners' sugar to thicken to your desired consistency. Drizzle over cooled cookies. Glaze will set within a couple hours.
Store cookies covered at room temperature for 3 days or in the refrigerator for 6 days. Shortbread cookie dough may be frozen up to 2 months; baked cookies (without glaze) may be frozen up to 2-3 months.

Monday, April 27, 2015

A quilt for my sister~

A Quilt for my Sister

This beautiful Quilt is for my sister!! 

I purchased the quilt pattern from Sweet Jane on Etsy
Lemonaide Lollipop by Bonnie and Camille for Moda
Here's the pattern link

I was cutting out fabric for a T shirt quilt I made earlier while visiting my Mom in Utah.  My sister came over to visit me, when she walked in she saw the fabric I was cutting for another quilt and she went wild over the colors. We both really liked the combination of browns and teals...we seem to like the same things!  When I saw that she loved the colors, I knew right then she was destined to have a quilt from her big sister, me! (which was alread in the plans) I loved the colors so much, I had purchased extra fabric to have on hand. I had enough fabric to make this pretty quilt for my sister!  This is how the quilt turned out and I loved it, which made me happy (I hate to mention all those points about made me crazy). I had the quilt in my room and I would go in and gaze at it every now and then.  I was so excited to give this quilt to my sister, I could hardly wait for vacation to Utah. That's when I was giving her the quilt. Polly now has the quilt in her home, she loves it, that definitely made me smile!!  My sister (whom I love dearly)  has a pretty quilt made with love from her sister, me!

This is me and this is my sister, Polly

My sister Polly, made me the most beautiful quilt for my 60th birthday. 
It's the most gorgeous quilt I own!

Polly is good that way, she loves making quilts for others she loves! But this quilt is special, Polly made my quilt from out Grandmother's (Gertrude Jackson) scraps and a few of Grandma's quilt squares she had in her fabric stash when Granny 'J'  passed away,what a treasure!!!! Polly designed a few of her own quilt squares for the quilt too, the hearts. gorgeous. So that made it extra, extra heirloom for me!  Just look at her sashing detail framing the quilt squares. She's simply amazing!
Thank you Polly dawling Sister

Thursday, February 12, 2015

a baby quilt

A baby Quilt for Aisly

My niece asked if I'd make her new baby girl, her very own quilt as a keepsake.  Of course I jumped at the chance!  My niece Staci, purchased the fabric from her favorite fabric store
I think Staci has good taste in colors and fabric design, don't you?!.  The fabric was outside the box of darling baby motifs, but this's gorgeous!!!
 Staci purchased her pattern from the Etsy online store.  
The patterns in this shop are beautifully designed, you should check it out. 
How sweet it is to be a part of a baby quilt treasure forever~
thank you for asking Staci 
love you
Aunt Diane

Thursday, December 25, 2014

A darling Cutsom made T-shirt quilt

Steph's custom T-shirt quilt

This is my daughter in law Steph.  Maybe 2 1/2 years ago she asked me to make her a T-shirt quilt out of the T's she wore as a teenager.  Previously, I had made my son a custom T-shirt quilt before they were married out of his T's he wore as a teen...we had fun t's, band t's and mission T's he had worn...and it was awesome.  When the kids married, the quilt went with Deven and they snuggled together in the quilt for a while~ then I finally made 
Steph her very own T-shirt quilt!
While visiting the kids a few years ago, Steph and I went to Joanns fabrics where she chose the fabric she wanted to use in her T-shirt quilt. So I brought the T's home and the fabric...then the journey started...I had to decide how to put this quilt together and make it beautiful. I looked and looked for a pattern I liked, then it hit me... I will have to just costom make her quilt just like I did Deven' 2 1/2 years is my finished product.
A custom fit, and she LOVED it!

T-shirt quilts to me are daunting to figure out, but as this quilt came together I got more excited to see how cute/pretty it was becoming.  I worked in sections and put it together as I went...I had to measure and match every step of the way.  Yes, it's a very custom T-shirt Quilt for sure...made with lots of love from her Mother in Law, ME!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Animal print Apron~

The cheetah apron, a gift to my friend

My darling friend Corrina gave me the best birthday party ever for my 60th birthday this year (2014).   I thought and thought for a bit trying to figure out what I could do for her that she would really like.  My friend Corrina, loves the aprons I make and really digs on animal prints.  In fact her and I seem to always wear our Cheetah animal print outfits quite often and on the same day, it's crazy but we love it.
I happened to be in Joann fabrics one day and saw this gorgeous brown/black and rust animal cheetah fabric and feel in love with it.  I matched up a coordinating solid color, this rust solid worked the best.  So then I designed a few ideas for a darling apron for my friend. This is the design I liked the best. 
My husband and I drew up a pattern long ago for an apron, I can do variations which makes this pattern a lot of fun.  The bib had 5 pin tucks starting in the center with two pin tucks on each side to balance it out. The ruffle is flirty, the accent colors at the waist adds to the charm of the apron.  The pocket is retro, the boarder at the top of the apron bib and the ruffles on the bottom of the skirt frames this apron just beautifully. I enjoy making the fabric flowers to match the apron, makes a girls feel special. 
I dropped in on my friend at work, I was trying to catch her at lunch time.  She was just heading out, I caught her just in time.  I handed her the gorgeously wrapped gift box (of course wrapped in cheetah print gift wrap) and her thank you card. She read the card, and with tears in her eyes opened the box.  To her suprise, she excitedly held the apron up to her and said "I never cry at work" haahaa.  I know this apron will be well taken care of.  It was so much fun to make this gift for her.  A part of me will always be in her home, and she will always know I love her, my friend! 

Here are a few of the highlights of my 60th birthday party...
yes, I'm owning my age this year haha, I've earned the right to!   

The decorations are beautiful!

My husband and I, our kids, their spouses and the grandkids, along with a few favorite friends celebrated my birthday with me.  We had so much fun together,
and what  memories to have forever!

*My family*

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Teal and white apron~

I absolutely love this apron!

A darling friend of mine, Whitney, moved away a few years ago. Once a week Whitney came over for sewing lessons. For her last project we were going to make an apron like the one above.  My friend didn't have time to finish her apron before she left to her new home. Whitney had already cut out the pattern pieces and the the apron was ready to be sewn. As a going away gift, I finished her apron and gave it to her. She was delighted.  I neglected to take a photo of it, I was toooo excited to give it to her. She now has a piece of love from me, hanging in her kitchen.
Recently Whitney asked me to make an apron for her friend having a bridal shower. Whitney wanted me to make one just like hers.  Her friends colors were teal so... perfect... I made the apron in teal and white AND took a photo this time. 
My signature is the flower I add to every apron. I hand make my flowers with fabric to match the apron. The flower on the teal apron is made with multi colors and I love the accent it gives.
I make and sell my aprons on Etsy, The apron is made with 100% cotton fabric. I also do custom orders upon request.

click on over and take a look

Monday, January 13, 2014

My Cooky book

My favorite Cooky recipe Book
and memories I have made baking cookies

I love making cookies and my family loves it more! This is the recipe book I have used for 39 years. My first Cooky Book was given to me as a gift in 1973 from my sister Janet Jackson Ralhf.  The other Cookie book I purchased as a reprint in year 2002. The first book cost $3.95 and the 2002 book cost $16.95. My first cooky book is beat up from good use and printed on old paper that is cracking and breaking. The new cooky book is printed on acid free paper and will last me the rest of my cookie life. They are both filled with the best memories.
My sister Janet's cookies were always so especially yummy. Janet
was a junior or senior in High School around 1971-72 when she bought herself the Cooky Book. My Sister loved baking, and WE loved her baking too. The first time she made chocolate chip cookies and I ate one of them, I enjoyed every bite couldn't stop at just one. From then on, every time we needed to bring cookies to something, Janet would make them. In 1973 I was married and wanted to impress my new husband with delicious cookies.  I asked if I could borrow Janet's cookie book and make Mike, my husband cookies. Janet was nice and she let me borrow her book. I didn't bake much as a teen like my sister Janet did so my first cookies weren't as good as hers. I borrowed the cookie book so many times from Janet in my quest to perfect the "chocolate chip cookies".  My sister soon delighted me with a cookie book for my birthday. I have enjoyed and used this book ever sense. As I read the book and studied every word of the section on making the perfect cookie, I perfected the chocolate Chip cookie. My family would agree, yummy cookies do I bake! Over the 39 years I've used this book, I have put it to good use in many ways. In 2002 I found the reprinted version in the cookie Book in the Costco book isle. I bought a new book for my sister. I figured hers was as beat up as mine.

My sister Janet's old cookie book ~ my sister's new cookie book
tattered and torn like mine            in perfect condition

I also bought the cookie book for each one of my kids as a keepsake.  Little did my Sister Janet know when she gave me this gift that it would make huge memories in my life. This book has become my sister Janet and my family's favorite tradition. All the bakers in our families have the chocolate chip cookie recipe memorized.
My cookies have been memories for those I have served over the years.  when memories of my cookies are shared with me by those whom I have baked for, it fills my heart with joy.
here are some of the ways I have shared my cookies over the years. 
-For Christmas I would intently plan a cookie bake.  I would choose 12 different kinds of cookies, bake them and make cookie plates for my friends, neighbors and family. I had so much fun.  I let my kids help me make the cookies while we chatted about life happenings. To this day, my kids can make cookies! (They're all adults now)
-I made cookies for families with a sick Mom
- Cookies to cheer someone's soul
- I make cookies to cure a craving
- I made cookies with the kids I had over for pre-school (the kids are now adults and will remind me how they loved making cookies at my  house)
-I made cookies for our kids friends who would come home with them after school.
Cookies and Kool Aid were served everyday at the Capanna home.  The kids knew their friends were always welcome in our home after school, and any other time.
- One morning while the grandkids were visiting, I was awaken by 3 eager little girlies at 6:00am asking if we could make cookies. They were so cute I couldn't say no. Cookies it is for breakfast!

this 6:am photo with eager cookie makers, is my very most favorite photo.
Such love I have surrounding me
- I made cookies for family treat night. Chocolate Chip was always everyone's favorite.
- I made lots and lots of cookies for the men and women Officers that my husband worked with. I'd always double the batch I made for the family, bag  1/2 the cooked batch of cookies and send them in with my husband. Always a treat. I had no idea that the majority of people didn't get home made cookies. Now my son Quin works as an officer in the same place and I am still baking and sending in cookies for an extra special treat for the Co-workers. When I have the pleasure of meeting the co-workers, I am always greeted with "so you're the Mom that makes the delicious cookies!" I had no idea my home made cookies would be appreciated so much.
- Now that I am a grandma, I bake cookies with my grandkids. We bake the cut out sugar cookies every year for Christmas.  We paint the sugar cookies and the kids get really creative. I love watching them have so much fun! The parents will even join the fun and paint a few for themselves.

Cookie painting with the Grandkids and parents
the recipe in the Cookie recipe Book

Grand girls at work cutting out the cookies and getting them ready to  paint
No boys allowed in this project haahaa.


making sure the job is done right

Sean painting his cookies

Johnny painting his cookies. He like the color green

Cole painting his cookies
Kenz being creative
Crystal and Johnny painting with the grandkids
some of my grandkids are theirs. I they're having fun too!

Such intense work!
Look at Gramma!

- Always when I make cookies, I have to be prepared for the cookie dough thief.  It used to frustrate me, but now I enjoy the teasing. After the dough is made, I  place my cookies evenly on the cookie sheet. turn around for a second. then back to the cookie sheet and I will see a few of the cookie dough mounds  missing off the cookie sheet before the cookie sheet hits the oven. Sometimes the cookie dough is stolen right out of my cookie dough scooper as I'm going from mixing bowl to the cookie sheet  haahaa.

Kenz turned the mixer button tooo high. Flour all over the place!
All we could do is laugh, and I ran for my camera!
Sometimes we have mishaps...but hey...everyone does! We just learn to laugh, clean and take pictures for our memory books!

- I love the yummy scent of the cookies baking in the oven. It brings a homey and inviting feeling into my home. Those who come for cookies, take off their shoes and will stay for awhile. I learn a lot about friends and family while munching away.

I delight in the bonding making-baking-and eating cookies with good company.  There is something about delicious homemade cookies that puts a smile on one's face.
Come on over, my cookie jar is always full with delectable yummy cookies.

Here, have a memory. Eat a cookie made with love,
and enjoy!