Thursday, November 7, 2013

A cool photo prop frame

My husband made me the coolest picture frame EVER!
I saw this picture frame on pinterest
and really wanted one for my
photo shoots!
When my husband saw the picture frame from pinterest, he was on a mission to make one for me.  Wow...I have the coolest husband in the world.  Not only did he make me a photo frame, he made it so the frame would come apart and be placed into a slim bag for easy carrying and storage.  The frame is assembled in a jiffy at the corners with nuts and bolts. 
Simple! How cool is that?
When I pull the pieces of the frame out of the bag at a photo-shoot,  and assemble my frame, ohhhhh, my husband gets bragging rites! and rightfully so! When I hold this frame up all assembled and ready to use, my clients are amazed and are ready and willing to use this baby in a photo-shoot! I have the funnest photo-shoots using this frame~
I'm such a lucky girl~
My fancy homemade photo frame that comes apart for storage/carrying
and is assembled quick and easy.