Thursday, December 25, 2014

A darling Cutsom made T-shirt quilt

Steph's custom T-shirt quilt

This is my daughter in law Steph.  Maybe 2 1/2 years ago she asked me to make her a T-shirt quilt out of the T's she wore as a teenager.  Previously, I had made my son a custom T-shirt quilt before they were married out of his T's he wore as a teen...we had fun t's, band t's and mission T's he had worn...and it was awesome.  When the kids married, the quilt went with Deven and they snuggled together in the quilt for a while~ then I finally made 
Steph her very own T-shirt quilt!
While visiting the kids a few years ago, Steph and I went to Joanns fabrics where she chose the fabric she wanted to use in her T-shirt quilt. So I brought the T's home and the fabric...then the journey started...I had to decide how to put this quilt together and make it beautiful. I looked and looked for a pattern I liked, then it hit me... I will have to just costom make her quilt just like I did Deven' 2 1/2 years is my finished product.
A custom fit, and she LOVED it!

T-shirt quilts to me are daunting to figure out, but as this quilt came together I got more excited to see how cute/pretty it was becoming.  I worked in sections and put it together as I went...I had to measure and match every step of the way.  Yes, it's a very custom T-shirt Quilt for sure...made with lots of love from her Mother in Law, ME!