Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I love this Hexie quilt

Giant Hexie Quilt pattern
I saw this baby quilt pattern on Pinterest and fell in love with it.  I love the colors, so non baby traditional but it works great for baby! 

Here is the link for the Giant Hexie pattern

 My Niece  asked me to make her a baby quilt for her son's bedroom, so I told her to check out my pinterest Quilt board and she chose this Hexie pattern.  I was excited, I had just posted it and was wanting to make a quilt with it.   So I had her go to Joanns fabrics to choose her fabric and colors to her liking.  Here are the colors she chose. I'm glad she picked, I would not have chose the colors and patterns for a baby quilt she sent me. I so enjoy the creative tastes of the young women these days.  I love the various patterns in the fabric and the colors are spectacular together! I thought she did a good job don't you think?
I got all my supplies together and started studying the instructions.  I then layed out the cut pieces randomly on my table, the quilt started to come together in a different way that I thought. So easy!  After laying out the pieces , I then was prepared to sew them together into strips. I then layed the strips together, and in no time I had a  sewn  quilt top. I could hardly wait to get the batting and backing prepared so I could finish the quilt.  After I got quilt top, batting and backing perfectly sandwiched together I decided to had quilt instead of machine quilt.  That actually went quicker that I expected.  I though it added to the nice home made touch.

Here is the finished Quilt quilt.  I really like it! I had enough small scraps I used them to make a banner for the baby's room.  The quilt and banner will be the accent to the rest of the baby's decorated room.   So exciting!

Here is the dolly boy  laying on his quilt, isn't he the cutest? 

Creating things with my hands is so gratifying to me, it's a stress buster that's for sure.