Friday, November 9, 2012

breast cancer awareness apron

For the month of October I decided to  make an apron for Breast Cancer awareness month
I wanted to incorporate the pink ribbon, and at JoAnn fabrics I found this
delightful fabric and I made the flower pin with it backed with grey fabric. I like it

My grand daughter Mckenzie who is 11 helped me pick out the pink print fabric.  The pink fabric was slim pickin's in the fabric stores so I came up with this grey and pink scalloped pattern.

I thought  all month about who I would like to give this apron too. I found her~ I met this lady who had breast cancer and couragiously battled  2 different kinds of cancer one different type in each breast.  She had a double masectomy and later decided to have her uterus removed for precaution.  Her treatments were complicated as she needed different medication for each kind of cancer.  I know that every women with breast cancer are so very courageous and stalwart, you have to be to survive.  The women of breast cancer/cancer are awesomely strong and set a good example for me. I watch and learn! My hat is off to you ladies that battle cancer and my arms are wrapped around you with love~