Monday, April 27, 2015

A quilt for my sister~

A Quilt for my Sister

This beautiful Quilt is for my sister!! 

I purchased the quilt pattern from Sweet Jane on Etsy
Lemonaide Lollipop by Bonnie and Camille for Moda
Here's the pattern link

I was cutting out fabric for a T shirt quilt I made earlier while visiting my Mom in Utah.  My sister came over to visit me, when she walked in she saw the fabric I was cutting for another quilt and she went wild over the colors. We both really liked the combination of browns and teals...we seem to like the same things!  When I saw that she loved the colors, I knew right then she was destined to have a quilt from her big sister, me! (which was alread in the plans) I loved the colors so much, I had purchased extra fabric to have on hand. I had enough fabric to make this pretty quilt for my sister!  This is how the quilt turned out and I loved it, which made me happy (I hate to mention all those points about made me crazy). I had the quilt in my room and I would go in and gaze at it every now and then.  I was so excited to give this quilt to my sister, I could hardly wait for vacation to Utah. That's when I was giving her the quilt. Polly now has the quilt in her home, she loves it, that definitely made me smile!!  My sister (whom I love dearly)  has a pretty quilt made with love from her sister, me!

This is me and this is my sister, Polly

My sister Polly, made me the most beautiful quilt for my 60th birthday. 
It's the most gorgeous quilt I own!

Polly is good that way, she loves making quilts for others she loves! But this quilt is special, Polly made my quilt from out Grandmother's (Gertrude Jackson) scraps and a few of Grandma's quilt squares she had in her fabric stash when Granny 'J'  passed away,what a treasure!!!! Polly designed a few of her own quilt squares for the quilt too, the hearts. gorgeous. So that made it extra, extra heirloom for me!  Just look at her sashing detail framing the quilt squares. She's simply amazing!
Thank you Polly dawling Sister

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