Saturday, November 22, 2014

Animal print Apron~

The cheetah apron, a gift to my friend

My darling friend Corrina gave me the best birthday party ever for my 60th birthday this year (2014).   I thought and thought for a bit trying to figure out what I could do for her that she would really like.  My friend Corrina, loves the aprons I make and really digs on animal prints.  In fact her and I seem to always wear our Cheetah animal print outfits quite often and on the same day, it's crazy but we love it.
I happened to be in Joann fabrics one day and saw this gorgeous brown/black and rust animal cheetah fabric and feel in love with it.  I matched up a coordinating solid color, this rust solid worked the best.  So then I designed a few ideas for a darling apron for my friend. This is the design I liked the best. 
My husband and I drew up a pattern long ago for an apron, I can do variations which makes this pattern a lot of fun.  The bib had 5 pin tucks starting in the center with two pin tucks on each side to balance it out. The ruffle is flirty, the accent colors at the waist adds to the charm of the apron.  The pocket is retro, the boarder at the top of the apron bib and the ruffles on the bottom of the skirt frames this apron just beautifully. I enjoy making the fabric flowers to match the apron, makes a girls feel special. 
I dropped in on my friend at work, I was trying to catch her at lunch time.  She was just heading out, I caught her just in time.  I handed her the gorgeously wrapped gift box (of course wrapped in cheetah print gift wrap) and her thank you card. She read the card, and with tears in her eyes opened the box.  To her suprise, she excitedly held the apron up to her and said "I never cry at work" haahaa.  I know this apron will be well taken care of.  It was so much fun to make this gift for her.  A part of me will always be in her home, and she will always know I love her, my friend! 

Here are a few of the highlights of my 60th birthday party...
yes, I'm owning my age this year haha, I've earned the right to!   

The decorations are beautiful!

My husband and I, our kids, their spouses and the grandkids, along with a few favorite friends celebrated my birthday with me.  We had so much fun together,
and what  memories to have forever!

*My family*

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