Saturday, January 11, 2014

Card holder display

I so enjoy receiving Christmas cards every year, and I love sending them also. I usually display our cards we receive on our kitchen cupboard doors with tape. The cards would fall off here and there and I was always replacing new tape to the back of the card to stick the card back up on the cupboard door. I needed another solution this year to display my Christmas cards. I had a beautiful antique frame without glass, waiting to be put to good use. So, I asked my husband if he could come up with a Christmas card holder/display idea using my lovely frame.

My husband cut a scrap of beadboard to the frame size. He then stained the bead board and with tiny screws placed the small clips on each slat of the beadboard in vertical rows of three. He then placed the completed board into the back of the frame and nailed it in securely. Creative idea.
I was so excited when my husband brought his creation into me to show off his workmanship. I just love what he did...and I have gotten compliments from everyone who paid me a visit during Christmas time.  It worked out great and none of my photos fell off.
I love being married to a handy man!

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