Monday, February 25, 2013

The Bachelor Sean wore my apron

The Bachelor "Sean" wore my homemade apron on the show
Right here is the very apron Sean wore on the Bachelor show

My sister got me hooked on this seasons "Bachelor" while I was visiting her in Feb.  In the episode airing on Feb. 18,2013, which was the"hometown visits" episode and it was Seans turn to visit Catherine in Seattle Washington. During the family visit Catherine's Mom invited Sean to come cook  in the kitchen with her. As I was watching I all of the sudden noticed Sean wearing an apron...and it looked familiar! I took a double take and saw the apron he wore in the segment was an apron I made and sold from Etsy. I did a triple take and and a few more takes and yup it was confirmed. IT"S AN APRON I MADE! I checked my history on Etsy and sure enough  I sold an apron to someone in Seattle Washington! This is exciting!!
Here are some photos I took while watching the episode on my computer... not the best photos but I couldn't find any stills and this will make you a believer.
Sean wearing the apron and the ladies are impressed!
Sean cooking with Catherines Mom

Wow, I could hardly go to sleep that night thinking and apron I have sewn in my home with my own two hands is famous!
...and I'm still giggeling!!

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  1. Wow Diane!! You're famous!! How exciting!! Congrats on such a successful apron!